Delivering a 3,868% Return on Investment and Incredible Sales Success

Delivering a 3,868% Return on Investment and Incredible Sales Success

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Our Client – Meet Snow®: for skeptics, by skeptics. Millions of dollars of research to develop products that simply work, every time. The future of oral care has never looked brighter.

The team at Snow invent truly revolutionary products that look and work better than anything else they have tested on the market. Their patent-pending, award-winning teeth whitening product was developed with several years invested in formulating and perfecting the teeth whitening system. The product is complemented by an entire line of award-winning beauty care.


The Challenge

n 2019 the team at contacted us because they were keen to increase their sales revenue in the lucrative period between Black Friday and Christmas. They had previously delivered campaigns which focussed on conversion optimization for their Shopify based site, but they had never gained much traction and recognized that hiring a firm with the relevant expertise would be critical to success.


Our Solution

As a leading UX + Conversion Rate Optimization Agency, repeatGROWTH partner with companies looking to increase revenue by offering a better experience for users. We do this through usability testing and a/b testing to a 90% significance. Simply put these results are scientifically proven and not by chance.

We believe User Experience and Revenue should trade-off with each other and marrying the two will give you the best results. We begin our work from a more informed starting point. We don’t randomly A/B test different ideas. Instead, we conduct detailed usability testing to help us, and our client, understand the factors that motivate website visitors to make a purchase, and the barriers to making those purchases.

We then leverage this qualitative research and combine it with quantitative data collected from analytics platforms to create a prioritized, hypothesis driven testing. This enables us to then start with the campaigns which have the highest potential tests to ensure we deliver a great return on investment within a very short timeframe.

For, a site which attracted traffic from a wide variety of sources, we ran 25 Conversion Rate Optimization tests, and through carefully targeting key conversion points were able to have 11 winning tests resulting in a 9% – 65% increase in Revenue Per Visitor. These occurred at all parts of the funnel from the home page (top) to the checkout pages (bottom).

These tests include adjusting the hierarchy of the product webpage, consistency throughout the funnel, properly demonstrating social proof, and aligning with customer needs.


The Results

Across all our work we strive to achieve results which deliver two- to three-times ROI from month one, growing to five-times ROI for the length of the project. As a result, most of our clients have established long-term relationships with us.

For we were able to deliver consistent gains, increasing cumulative revenue per visitor each month by 41%, 65%, 20%, 13% and 43%. This resulted in an 895% lift in ROI and an incredible annual ROI of 3,868%.

Conversion Optimization Lifts

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5